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Tucked in the Casselman River Valley in the shadow of Mt. Davis, Pennsylvania's highest point, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, has long held a tradition of attracting visitors from far and wide.

Today, it is the Great Allegheny Passage, a 135-mile hiking and biking trail stretching from Maryland to Pittsburgh, that draws visitors from across the country and throughout the world to take in the scenic vistas offered up by the former Western Maryland Railway. In 2009, the trail had an estimated 700,000 users.

The expansive Salisbury Viaduct located west of town and the Keystone Viaduct east of town serve as special attractions for those exploring the trail. Meyersdale is also the closest town in Pennsylvania to the Mt. Savage Tunnel, a 2,100-foot long lighted pathway beneath Mount Savage that provides a stunning vista of the Cumberland Valley from its eastern portal.

These impressive feats of engineering were built during the country's Gilded Age, when the push was on to connect the East with the burgeoning Midwest. Coal was mined locally and shipped on the railroads to feed the country's needs for energy during the Industrial Revolution. The rich veins of nearby Shaw Mines are still mined today.

Wind farms located on the ridges east and west of Meyersdale contribute to the country's energy needs today as they tower above the landscape, providing stunning backdrops for trail users.

Meyersdale has been the home of the Pennsylvania Maple Festival for more than 60 years, celebrating the rich heritage of a land that was first known to be occupied by the Monongahela Indians who captured the sweet water from maple trees to make maple sugar. This annual early Spring rite lures visitors to Festival Park on Meyers Avenue and features car shows, a parade, and the Lions pancake house where pure local maple syrup is served.

Although the Western Maryland is silent except for the voices of trail users exploring the hillsides and valleys of the Alleghenies, trains still rumble through the town on CSX tracks, carrying commerce of the nation from the Midwest to Baltimore on the former B&O.

With lots laid out in 1844, Meyersdale was officially founded in 1874, bringing together Meyers Mill and Dale City.


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